Mission and vision


ANOVE is an instrument necessary for contributing to solving the challenges facing Spanish agriculture, collaborating with government authorities and with organisations representing the different sectors of agricultural production.

In this context, the role of the seed industry, plant breeders and their ability to research and innovate will be essential for the future of European agriculture and for food and industry worldwide.

Its members are responsible for putting over 95% of the varieties used in main crops on the market:

  • 99% of vegetables
  • 90% of sweet fruits
  • 85 % of berries

Regarding extensive cropping:

  • 100% of beets
  • 100 % of corn
  • 95% of cereals
  • 90% of sunflowers
  • 80% de cotton

The associated companies play a fundamental role in the agricultural sector, as researchers and suppliers of a technology that is essential to agricultural development: the new varieties.

In the food sector, seeds, and thus the companies dedicated to breeding them, are the origin of the food chain. So they are a key element for obtaining food and they provide an important added value to the entire chain.


ANOVE’s MISSION is to represent the plant breeding sector in Spain by promoting the defence of its interests and knowledge of its activity, supporting innovation and the development of agriculture.

ANOVE works for agriculture that is innovative, competitive, and sustainable, which values and has full access to plant improvement, thus contributing to food safety and the economic development of society.