• The contribution of the breeder sector to the value chain of the food industry is paramount. Its work has allowed the supply of agri-food products to improve both in terms of quality and versatility in recent years, increasing the supply to consumers.
  • The work carried out by the plant breeding sector has contributed to the improvement of food safety. The improvement of varieties, as well as processes, contributes to the creation of higher quality, longer-lasting and safer foods.
  • The technology applied to plant breeding increases efficiency and productivity and improves processes. Thanks to these technologies and the research and innovation of the breeder sector, the entire value chain has the opportunity to improve: from the growing to the processing of the end product.


Government bodies

  • Dialogue, as a representative of the research sector and breeders of new varieties, with public administrations, especially regarding R&D+i policy.
  • Representation and coordination of the breeding sector present in Spain before national and international bodies and associations, particularly regarding technological aspects.


  • The protection of the intellectual and industrial property rights of breeders.
  • To create a forum for breeder analysis, study, evaluation, and activity regarding legislation and regulation related to the sector and new varieties of plants.
  • Support to the breeding sector regarding technological aspects of the treatment and processing of seeds and plants. Technology allows the entire chain of value to be improved, from growth until the transformation of the final product.


  • Collaboration with public research centres and universities. R&D+i investment is the key for breeding new varieties adapted to our territory and for providing value to the whole food chain.
  • The dissemination and defence of the value of plant breeding and new technologies in agriculture. As well as the publicising of the key importance of seeds as the origin of the food chain to society in general. The improvement of varieties contributes to creating higher-quality, long lasting and safer food, also increasing the offer in terms of quality, quantity, and seasonal availability.
  • The defence of farmers and their right to get certified seeds adapted to their local needs, and to have guarantees of transparency and traceability on this market.
  • The defence of consumers and their right to have a variety of safe, high-quality foods during every season of the year.