Community Legislation (Click here to access the legislation)

Regulation 1768/1995, of 24 July, implementing rules on the agricultural exemption provided for in Article 14 (3) of Council Regulation (EC) No 2100/94 on Community plant variety rights

Regulation 2100/1994, of 27 July, on Community Plant Variety Rights.


Spanish Legislation (Click here to access the legislation)
Act 30/2006, of 26 July, on Seeds and Nursery Plants and Phytogenetic Resources.

Royal Decree 1261/2005, of 21 October, approving the Regulation for Plant Variety Protection.

Act 3/2000, of 7 January, on Legal System for Plant Variety Protection.

Royal Decree 1709/1997, of 14 November, regulating the seed processing of farm saved seed.

Royal Decree 3767/1972, of 23 December, approving the General Regulations for Seed and Nursery Plants Production.

Act 11/1986, of 20 March, on Patents.

Act 24/2015, of 24 July, on Patents

Article 274 of the Criminal Code, on crimes against industrial property.