Antonio Villarroel

Secretary General

Elena Saenz

Director Public Affairs

Francisco Petit

Technical Director

Almudena de la Cruz

Manager Regulatory Affairs

Alicia Díaz

Manager Communication

Leandro de León

R+D Seeds Health

Raúl Domínguez

Technical Manager Berries

Luis Fuentes

Technical Manager Extensive Crops

Javier Álvarez

Technical Manager Extensive Crops

Rubén Casado

Technical Manager Fruit Tree

Elena García

Licenses Administration

María Serrano


Ana Marcilla

Front Desk

GESLIVE has become a full subsidiary of ANOVE, whose mission is to provide intellectual property related services to its members and clients, supporting them in all technology transfer processes (licenses and royalties management, farm saved seed, etc.). The two organizations partially share the above referred staff, including financial and legal services.