Corporate Social Responsibility

The presence of ANOVE in the next edition of Fruit Attraction presents some novelties that we want to share with you before the Fair begins.

First, ANOVE will carry out a Corporate Social Responsibility action raising funds for a farmer training project in Tanzania, in collaboration with the Agronomists Without Borders Foundation. On the other hand, we will organize a topical Forum with five specialists who on the 19th will tackle an interesting topic of debate: “What will our children eat: technological innovation and changes in the diet of the future”.

The #cosechasostenible action is a project of Awarded by ANF, and in which Fruit Atraction also wanted to collaborate, and whose purpose is to raise funds to make agricultural training possible for farmers. The five-month program will be coordinated and supervised in situ by the NGO Agrónomos sin Fronteras, to which the full amount collected in this campaign will be donated.

Anove will donate € 5 for each Twitter that includes the hashtag #cosechasostenible recognize the work of farmers or thank you for your task

With this campaign we will get together:

  • Improve agricultural production and marketing to increase the income of dozens of families.
  • Improve your state of health, that of their community and the food security of the products they harvest and commercialize.
  • Strengthen the associative fabric of the community and provide resources for mutual support.
  • Teach to protect the environment using sustainable agriculture techniques.

This initiative is part of the “Iringa program of socioeconomic development” that works in Tanzania with the help of Agronomos sin Fronteras, which in 2004 launched a training center in which to date 8,000 farmers have been trained and indirectly More than 112,000 people have benefited.